Monday, August 10, 2015

Secret Waterfall Spot on Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its tropical beauty, white pristine beaches and glorious waterfalls, but unfortunately, everyone knows about the "popular spots".

Why, it's down right frustrating if you're trying to find the perfect combination of awe inspiring backdrop, a fun place to explore, and hardest of all, peace and tranquility.

Take a closer look

As a local, I know I get irked when all my favorite spots for a bit of R & R is inundated with everyone and their grandmother, and their calabash cousins!

But, there is one area that I find to be my absolute favorite spot because it includes every one of those key aforementioned elements for the perfect spot.

It may not seem like much but the trail to the waterfalls begins with a slight uphill 1 mile hike into Piihonua watershed

Once you reach the outer boundaries of the forest, turn right and you'll find this enchanting path.  From there just follow it all the way down until you see waterfalls.

Still not convinced...?  

How about I show you some spheres of this areas during a dry spell?  Let's start from here:
(click on the hyperlink to see it as a sphere)
Right where I'm standing has a ladder that will lead you to a great place to take a dip! 
(same area as 4 pics up)

I won't lie.  It's really cold!

This also happens to be a fun little natural pool to swim in and if you swim further towards the left and towards the back, there's a small waterfall and lava tube.  If you choose not to swim and would rather stay dry, well, let me show you the way.

I'm at the base of the first pool but if you follow that wall down to the end, you'll find a path that you can climb down and end up at the second pool I'm in front of.

At the second pool and now below the area depicted above.

 A bit further down from the second pool and different angle of the same area.

Hiking further down the river bed.

I'd recommend you check out this place before more people find out, and it's bound to happen soon!  If this doesn't tickle your fancy then....

Get back here and keep walking!

You'll know you're on the right track if you walk across this
...See this while on the bridge, now keep walking straight up.

Now, I'm just going to tell you to keep walking....for 6 miles and you'll know when you've reached the end when you pass by construction materials as well as crossed a bridge with ponds on each side.
Let me know if you saw the tree.  You'll know which one I'm talking about.

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